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Glacial Energy FAQ

Is Glacial Energy a Multi Level Marketing company?


Multi Level Companies operate with a business model where a “Sales Representative” must not only pay to join the company but must also bring in other sales associates and get them to sign up as well. The sales representative is not only compensated for sales they generate but also for the sales of associates they recruit and the sales of the associate their associates bring in etc. creating multiple levels of sales personnel and commissions. Glacial Energy in no way resembles energy companies operating under the MLM model.

Glacial Energy has sales representatives who are employees as well as those that are brokers or agents. While it is true that some agents work under employees and brokers, there is only one layer of compensation or commissions and not multiple levels such as found in MLM companies. It is important to note that MLM companies do not typically hire sales people as employees but bring them aboard as independent contractors. Also, none of Glacial Energy’s sales personnel are charged for the right to represent Glacial Energy or sell our products.

MLM sales organizations are often associated with “pyramid” schemes, which are illegal. Glacial Energy is legally licensed to sell natural gas in 20 states and electricity in 15 states and the District of Columbia. If they were operating as an illegal pyramid scheme, their licenses would be in jeopardy and revoked.

Glacial Energy sells a variety of natural gas and electric products to commercial, industrial and institutional entities in markets where they are licensed throughout the United States. MLM companies such as Amway, Avon or Herbalife are typically associated with sales to residential customers and many of these companies do not allow their associates to sell to businesses.

Glacial Energy has a strong suite of both fixed and variable rate products for both electricity and natural gas. We also offer customers a green energy product and a way to give back to the community through the Glacial Cares program. Throughout the markets served, Glacial Energy has a strong base of customers who are happy with our products, service and sales personnel. Glacial Energy is not a MLM company, but a strong sales organization driven to become the best energy company in the country!



Why does my energy bill fluctuate?


At Glacial Energy we use an index-based product that closely mirrors the direction of the wholesale electricity and natural gas markets. When the wholesale market dips, so do prices and you pay less.

Changes in wholesale prices typically reflect fluctuation in electricity demand, availability of various generation sources, fuel costs and plant availability.  Rates are highest in the summer because more expensive generation is added to meet the elevated demand.

With index pricing, electricity and natural gas are purchased based on actual market price at the time these products are used.  The customer assumes the risk of market fluctuations and in return can save up to a 15% margin over the course of a year. Our index price is an “all in” price; there are no pass-through charges or other fees to surprise you on the bill.

If you choose fixed pricing rather than variable (or indexed pricing), you will always pay the same rate for the length of your energy contract.  Each month will be slightly different because it is unlikely your usage will be the same every month.

Glacial Energy works to keep our pricing low and offer a variety of contract options that meet the unique needs of our customers.

For more information, ask your Glacial Energy representative or sign up for a Free Energy Analysis HERE.

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